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On Sunday, simplify! A project has grown unwieldy, your closet overstuffed.
Less is definitely more so hew the excess (and haul it to the Goodwill)
so you can appreciate the things you actually want in your life.

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"Tief in deinem Herzen versteckt sich deine große Liebe und das weißt Du - also kämpfe."

I will appear brazen, and everything that you thought you knew doesn't appear as it is :)

New Year, New Book.

Du kannst dich auf den heutigen Tag freuen. Alles was du dir einmal erträumt hast beginnt Form zu gewinnen.

Sometimes, I'm happy that I did manage to write (here) even a little. Magic does happen in writing.

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Dear Daughter,

On this very date, you are 9 months away from my womb. The womb that you have been living in for 9 months.

"Friday is December 21, 2012, the day a new 5,125 year cycle of the Mayan calendar begins. This is also the day the Sun begins a monthlong tour of Capricorn and your idealistic, community-oriented eleventh house. Part of the Mayan prophecy involves a new world where humans will have to work in greater accord with nature, dissolving boundaries and embracing the spirit of oneness."

If that does makes sense, cause I don't. But just a rough guide.

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Whatever that happens,
I'm never going to read any horoscope readings, am I?
Well, the real world is out there, guessing.. Besides,
it feels like a long haul already, before a new year.
I've always slept on a magnificent structure..
All I need is a trigger to start it, do I?
You'll never gonna know what I'm saying.
Until, it happens.
So that, I can say, "They are all happen to be."

A dream of a dress <3
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Marchesa runway, spring 2013.

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Headgears Rock
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Kate Moss and Saskia De Brauw in Vogue Paris, September 2012.
Stylist: Katy England
Make-up: Charlotte Tilbury
Hair: Paul Hanlon
Nails: Lorraine Griffin

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Today. A stranger ran after me. An adolescent girl. In the mall. Trying to catch me up, or something. She said, "I saw you in the market, and you look like a doll."

The bang does it-
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Karen Elson in Vogue US, September 2012.
Stylist: Tonne Goodman
Make-up: Val Garland
Hair: Garren

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valentino, haute couture fall 2012
Cuts that take your breathe away...
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Valentino, haute couture fall 2012.

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